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Organized stalking is the covert harassment of an individual or individuals (called a Targeted Individual) by a criminal group of people intended to give that person the message that they are being stalked (watched) yet limit or prevent that person's ability to identify a single perpetrator. It is committed by a group of people, usually more than five persons, for a specific purpose, (mostly malevolent) however these groups will frequently masquerade as "concerned citizens" or a community watch group. Though there are many criminals within stalking groups, not all who are within these stalking groups are aware that they are committing crimes, some may not even know the true purpose of a stalking group.
Though some may believe these groups, especially vigilante groups, may be doing this as part of a "good cause" and the bulk of these groups will portray themselves as "public benefactors" attempting to keep the community safe from suspected criminals, in reality this is a huge front and an even bigger, more deceptive lie. One lie some may recognize is that of the "investigation." Some will approach uninvolved individuals (a member of the generally unaware public) to "recruit" them under the guise of the target of the harassment being a person under "investigation" for a suspected crime and this "community watch group needs your assistance." These criminals are generally not very trusting of those outside of their group, so they are very cautious of whom they approach with this lie to further their criminal activity. All of their "cover" stories, of being a community watch group and other lies are further from the truth. Organized Stalking is, in truth, very illegal criminal activity involving illegal surveillance, illegal stalking, a long list of crimes committed in the commission of Organized Stalking, and, in most cases, involves the use of electromagnetic harassment/assault technologies against targets of these crimes. Also these crimes include gross violations of the targeted persons privacy, it involves slander, lies, rumors, physical assaults, sabotage, etc.
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