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As we know, the Manga "Pokémon Adventures Special" is far more AWESOME than the original anime series. 1000000 times better. Signing this petition, you are asking to watch an Anime series based on the Manga.You all want to see RED, GREEN, BLUE and YELLOW as the Main Characters cause everybody is just SICK of ASH Ketchum.

(We are not asking to stop the actual series, but to make another appart from it)

The Reason: "Unlike the anime, which, though drawing much inspiration from the games, does not follow them exactly, Pokémon Adventures is a mostly game-based manga, with the fifteen main characters taking their names from the main series games, and their various adventures tending to stay restricted to their home region. Also unlike the anime, which has gone to great lengths to indicate the danger of a legendary Pokemon being captured, the main characters of Pokémon Adventures have captured and sometimes use their own legendaries, much as the player can in the games. Pokémon Adventures also contains darker elements than other media, including certain characters and some Pokémon actually dying."

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