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ZYNGA! As players of this game that we have come to love and enjoy, as well as some of us being paying customers, We are banding together in hopes of a resolution to the myriad problems that we are experiencing with the game. There are numerous issues concerning Cafe World, and we feel that we are not being heard on this matter, among which is "customer service" giving us basically the same canned/scripted answers concerning our problems as they are submitted.

We feel that by listening to our complaints and concerns, as well as suggestions on game play, this would serve to relieve the plethora of emails sent to the support "system" concerning the problems that we are experiencing . Your company is basically committing business suicide in not addressing these issues. We *THOUGHT* that you were working on trying to GAIN revenue, not lose it or your eroding player base. BUT THEN, you pile upon us, unsightly No-End-In-Sight goals, as well as unattainable and unceasing TIMED goals! There is no way possible that an average individual can stay on the game, day and night, to make the deadlines on the goals. As a result of this folly, the game has become a job that no one is getting paid for; but you, if your lucky, might still have gamers who are willing to pay to play -- although that number is being encouraged NOT to do so due to the lack of response and outright apathy (enmity?) on your part.

We fully believe that you are not acknowledging your Moral/Customer Service obligations to us players by rolling out new games under your company (CHEFVILLE, et al,) AND THEN trying to incorporate them into games ("PROMOS") that are already being played (EX: Mafia Wars) are extremely poor business tactics, as well as insulting the sensibilities of your clientele. There are many players that really work hard in their cafes to keep up with the demands of the game, in which the rewards are barely considered rewards -- "decorations" come to mind. However, these so-called "rewards" being offered to us are of no use, largely due to game limitations, e.g. "X" number of stoves, or even sent as gifts to other players, such as in Mafia Wars uses. We further have suspicions that bugs are intentionally inserted into these goals in the hopes that we will ** PAY** to move forward, because some players are not at high levels as others, so they would be more willing to probably pay to receive the award offered. This however, is an insult to the committed players who have been playing since day one of Cafe World's introduction and are at higher levels in the game. We have basically seen the poor tactics behind the goals, as well as the grossly misnamed "reward system ."

Another major issue concerns the uproar of your company's shutting down the help sites for the game, which has also caused a tremendous drop in player quantity. Game players would have no need for these help sites if your company would make the goals more feasible to finish them. Very rarely, do you extend the times for the goals, so after struggling to accomplish the mission in the end we get nothing for the efforts that we make. Also, just because we have -- or might NOT have -- numerous neighbors, does NOT mean that our requests for parts will be answered! Basically, if you ask for friends on a repeated basis just to get the requests answered, then a player gets banned for a certain period of time for excessive friend requests by Facebook. As in Mafia Wars, hundreds of friends would be required for this purpose, but we are then penalized by FB to do so.

I have also seen players who want to turn your company in to their local BBB for shoddy business practices. Personally, I feel that if you don't want to continue having us play your games, then why should you continue offering them? There are other competitive gaming sites out there that don't have the issues with their games as your company does. We are not having to send an abundance of emails to their support staff either, as your company is certainly overwhelmed with numerous emails from players .If you're sincerely and whole-heartedly willing to listen to us as players of your games, and are truly concerned with losing that base and revenue from your games, I, the undersigned, will be willing to be the liaison for all dedicated Cafe World players and will forward you our list of complaints, as well as very helpful ideas to make the game play better and more relaxing for us ob the whole. The net result of this being hopes of gaining revenue for your company, as well to uphold and maintain a good reputation of not only your company , but adding solid value for your investors, as well.

Thank You ,
Debbie Brouwer


Debbie Mediatingonlife Brouwer

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