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Foreign owned slaughterhouses in the United States and Canada kills approximately 100,000 American bred horses annually. The horse meat is NOT being used in dog food or to feed starving masses. Rather, it is an up to $20/lb delicacy enjoyed by humans in Japan and Europe. A pound of horse meat usually sells more than a pound of filet mignon! Horses, an integral part of America's heritage and culture, are favored animals, just like cats and dogs. Americans do not eat horses just as they do not eat cats and dogs. Horses were needed for this nation to even gain independence. They were needed in the survival of humans on this continent. The way horses are slaughtered is cruel and inhumane. They ride cramped in a trailer, sometimes an illegal double-decker, for days at a time without food or water. Then they are cattle prodded out to be shot in the head with a nail gun, sending fragments of skull into its brain. The horse is often still alive as it is hung by its hooves and throat slit, so it can breathe its last breath.
Humans are the ones who domesticated the wild horses. Ever since then, horses have stood beside us in time of war, carried us across the country, plowed our fields, gave us a job, helped give chronically ill children hope, and remain loyal at all times to their human companions. Is slaughter the only thanks they get?


Megan Welch

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because millions of horses are being slaughtered, would you like this to happen to you?


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