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The UK's Environment Agency has basically given free rein to developers to cash in on government subsidies by installing archimedes hydro generators on Britains inland river systems.

On average these installations cost over 700k each to install and all for the sake to power a few houses when the hydro is in operation.

Figures they quote are based on 3000w per house, a normal kettle is 3000w alone.

Annual estimated electrical output figures are always over exaggerated as the units can not run in very low or high river flows.

There's proof that these archimedean hydro generators effect the ecology of the surrounding area they also can harm, kill fish and eels, inhibit and effect the free movement of migratory fish like salmon and sea trout.

Please read article on the Angling Trust website.

The Angling Trust has learned that the Environment Agency has granted licences to a Hydro Company, for two hydropower plants on the river Trent which allow up to 100 fish – including eels – to be killed at each of two plants in any 24 hour period.

Hydro effecting fish movement.


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