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Vote YES for Education

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How this will help

We all know California's public education system is crumbling.

But did you know you can make a difference by pledging to Vote Yes on Prop 30 and Prop 38? Watch the video to see how!

Passing both initiatives will show Sacramento that voters DO care about education and that it should be made a priority for our state once again.

If neither initiative passes, almost 5 BILLION will be cut from education THIS YEAR causing 3 weeks less of school, ballooning class sizes, elimination of crucial programs, etc.

*****If the 55% of voters that support education initiatives start picking which initiative they like better - the vote will split and they BOTH will FAIL! We cannot let that happen!*****

Show your support by clicking **YES** then forward it to everyone you know - and don't forget to post it to your Facebook page!

Only united can we improve public education in California!

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