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Pick up trash at a nearby beach or in my neighborhood.

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How this will help

Much of the trash on our streets and in our neighborhoods ends up in our waterways, beginning a long, slow march to the ocean. And this trash, slowly degrading our ocean, impacts the food we eat and the water we drink. Join Ocean Conservancy and pledge to take on the trash. It's simple—do what you can to reduce your trash impact, clean up an open space near you or even join the 27th annual International Coastal Cleanup this September.

Ocean trash is a threat to our economies, wildlife, habitat, health and food safety. Over the past 26 years, Ocean Conservancy volunteers have collected over 150 million pounds of trash from our coasts and waterways, including enough cups and cutlery to host a picnic for 2.15 million people.

We can all do our part to create clean beaches for everyone to enjoy, cleaner water for fish and marine wildlife, and a healthier ocean for those whose lives depend on it. But it's going to take all of us coming together to make it happen.

Pledge to Take on the Trash—commit to reduce your impact and clean up a local open space, beach or waterway.


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