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I thank all of you who have joined this cause and especially if you have also taken part in some of the actions I have created to help this cause. I created this action because it is in recruiting others to a cause that its real growth takes off. I would likee to see those of you who join this cause become recruiters and Causes makes it easy to send out invites now. They now provide pre-selected friends that you can send invites to, as an option. To send at least 100 invites to your friends to join this cause, you need to visit this cause's main page and hit "Invite" and you can send only 25 invites at a time but there is no limit of total invites you can send. I hope that many of you will take this pledge, reach your own friends and help me grow this cause! If you have not joined this cause, you need to do that before you can recruit others. Thank you in advance to all of you who will join me in reaching your own friends and help me to grow this cause and make a difference!

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