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Spanish Leader - Mariano Rajoy & Ministry of Culture

BULLFIGHTING will be broadcast on Spanish television for the first time in six years in a move which has angered animal rights activists.
TELEVISION ESPANOLA - has said it will screen a bullfight from Valladolid on September 5th 2012 overturning a ban imposed under the previous socialist Government.
In 2006 guidelines prohibited the showing of the Bullfights because the violent images were unsuitable when children were likely to be watching.
The policy change comes under the new Conservative Government of Mariano Rajoy, who is also said to be a BIG FAN of these fights!
Bullfighting is highly divisive in the country - some consider it inhumane, while others say it is an essential part of traditional Spanish culture. It was classified as an art last year, making the Ministry of Culture responsible for it.

We the undersigned-
Demand that Mariano Rajoy rethink his Conservative Governments overturning of the ban on the Bull fights, which had previously been set in place by the former Government about 6 years ago.
BULL FIGHTS are cruel and this is clearly a backward step for the welfare of animals in Spain...END this cruelty now!


Jessy Setano

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