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Does your child need to wear Precision Coloured Lenses?
I know for a fact that 50% of the children in my son's school struggle to read and write. This is not all due to Visual Stress. I feel as do many other parents, that these tinted lenses should be funded for our children, as are the glasses provided with refractive prescription for long, short or astigmatic problems etc.
Our fight is to get Visual Stress recognised by the Educational Authorities and the NHS.
Also to get funding towards the cost of the tinted lenses that our children have to wear. The lenses help to stop the movement of words across the page. At further education level students can get financial help for the lenses. Why should children in main stream school suffer the way they do, after all they are our future generation of workers. We need help now, whilst they still have the self-confidence to learn, not wait until all their confidence has been drained from them.


Michelle Doyle

How this will help

Our fight is to get the Education and Health Authorties to provide funding for the Precision Tinted Lenses the children need to stop the movement of words on the page.


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