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As the world's leading producer of platinum and one of the top gold producers, South Africa has become the richest nation in Africa in recent years. Still, the country has over a 25% unemployment rate. Protests against shortages of housing, electricity, running water, as well as poor education and health services occur on an almost daily basis. The miserable living conditions of the Lonmin platinum miners is a reflection of the deep inequalities that still pervade this society 18 years after the end of apartheid. Their shantytown consists of run-down shacks on a dusty plain outside the mine, lacking running water and electricity. The miners can not afford anything more on the abysmal salaries they bring home after laboring in the nearby mine.

Now these miners are taking a courageous stand by going on strike, giving the world a view of Lonmin's unethical treatment of its workers. Their strike sets a precedent for all South African miners; demands for higher wages have now spread to at least two other neighboring mines. Their actions also send a powerful message to big, international corporations hoping to make a profit by overworking and underpaying their workers.

Add your voice to the international call for justice for the Lonmin mine workers in South Africa!


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