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Support the Stop Abuse Campaign, "Abuse stops With Me!"

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How this will help

Who will stop abuse? Working together we all will.

Take the first step to stop abuse. Make a personal commitment to be an Abuse Stopper by taking the pledge. Join us as we work together to stop abuse and alleviate the suffering of all that abuse involves. 

Abuse is a horror so chilling that our first impulse is to turn away in hope that by ignoring reality it will disappear. But abuse doesn't just stop when we cover our eyes to it like a child that's watching a scary movie. 

There is no hiding from abuse, it's everywhere and it affects everyone. We need more caring supporters, like you, that are dedicated to creating an abuse free world to help us stop abuse from existing and spreading. 

Together, we are empowered to face the reality of abuse so we can prevent and stop abuse. 

Now is the time, abuse can stop! Children can grow up into healthy adults, without fear. Domestic partners can live in peace and harmony. The threat of rape will no longer haunt anyone. Our grandparents will no longer feel vulnerable to financial or physical abuse. Working together, all of the many different ways of abuse can stop! 

All we must do is to make a commitment for what's right.

Pledge and declare that from this day forward, "Abuse stops with me!" 

Abuse Stoppers stand up together with strength, dedication, and enduring hope to face the menace that is abuse. Take the pledge and start being an Abuse Stopper today. Always remember, "Abuse stops with me!" 

Thank you for your support!,

Andrew & Kenny

P.S. Please email us here, [email protected], if you are interested in volunteering with the Stop Abuse Campaign. Thanks!


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