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"The International Olympic Committee, while promoting peace and fraternity, also has a history of honoring the despicable. In 1936, some 11 months after the enactment of the Nuremberg Laws, the committee allowed Hitler to host the Olympics in Berlin. In the 1980s, the committee bestowed its highest honor, the Olympic Order, on Nicolae Ceausescu of Romania and Erich Honecker of East Germany. In the 1990s, the committee welcomed Saddam Hussein’s psychopathic son, Uday, as the head of Iraq’s National Olympic Committee even though it was well-known that he regularly tortured and killed athletes who underperformed during the Games."
“They are a corrupt organization, led by greed rather than the Olympic spirit,” ~ Ankie Spitzer
There are those who have told me that the IOC will never change, that Israel should no longer participate in the Olympics where they are discriminated against. I disagree! No athlete of any nationality should be affected by bias in the Olympics! No team should be further victimized by being forced to boycott and lose their right to participate. The Israeli team have been victimized in the past by terrorists, now they have had to contend with being ostracized by the Lebanese team. It is the responsibility of the IOC to not allow bias to be shown to any team. Demand that the IOC uphold their own Code Of Ethics and expell the Lebanese team for discrimination. PLEASE SIGN AND SHARE THIS PETITION WITH AS MANY AS YOU CAN! Thank you


Regina Sabin

The IOC blatantly demonstrated indifference to the many who requested a moment of silence for the Munich 11 at the London 2012 games. Not content to dishoner the memory of their own Olympian athletes, they proceeded to aid and abet the Lebanese team in erecting a screen to hide the Israeli team. No team should have to suffer an act of such committee should go unpunished for perpetrating such an incident.


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