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Consider Andrea M. (real person, not real name for fear of losing benefits) from Sacramento who called the CAMEO office. She was laid off from her job at a telecommunications company. Fortunately, Andrea had been moonlighting as a small business owner of her website design company. Instead of waiting for a corporate job to open and be hired, she intends to create her own job and run her business full-time. Her goal is to create her own income and get off unemployment. She also hopes to expand her business so that she can hire other people who can't find jobs.

Do you know someone like Andrea who is unemployed, but has an idea for a business, but might be afraid to start one because s/he doesn't want to lose benefits? Or someone who operates under the table, looking over their shoulder or could expand and really take off, if only the business could be legit?

A Self-Employment Assistance (SEA) Program would allow unemployed workers to maintain their unemployment insurance benefits while they start their own small businesses. Join CAMEO in our efforts to bring SEA program to California.

This is a great opportunity for our state to help unemployed people create their own job by starting their own business!

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"Cumulative job losses in California today are much worse than those experienced at any point of any downturn since the Great Depression."


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