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President of the International Court of Humain Rights in Straßbourg Sir Nicolas Bratza and the President of the European Parliament Martin Schulz and the Congress of the United Stated of America

Definition of psychotronic (psycho-physical) weapons Psychotronic Weapons (PF- weapons) this is the totality of all possible methods and means (techno-genic, suggestive, pharmacological, paranormal, complexes, and others) of hidden, forced influences on the psyche of a person for the purpose of modifying his onsciousness, behavior and health for what is desired in the way of influencing aspects of control…” This is not only dangerous, this is deadly!”

For several years, more and more cases are known in which people are being terrorized by the so-called Electronic Harassment. The term comes from the English and translates electronic harassment. But the term is misleading. In the many attacks on humans are extremly targeted to terror and torture.

The latest technical equipment are used, which are hardly known to the public so far.

People are bombarded with electromagnetic weapons in their homes, without causing detectable traces.

Electromagnetic weapons operate with waves of the electromagnetic spectrum. These include microwaves, but also ultrasound, infrared or laser waves - this waves easily penetrate through the walls of buildings and concrete walls.

Depending on the frequency, waveform, and pulse rate of the radiated waves they can cause very different effects on the human body.

The fabric gets in resonance with the waves. This means that vital functions of the body can be manipulated and disturbed when a person is attacked with the appropriate frequency.

Some of the possible effects:
Vibrations on the body or in the body
Blurred vision
Disruption of short-term memory (forgetfulness)
Sleep (sleep deprivation)

Disruption or manipulation of the libido

the human body can be disturbed in any possible way, tortured and manipulated ...........

Who cause the radiation?
Electromagnetic weapons are built of international arms company for many years.

Some of the weapons are aimed at disturbing or destroying electrical infrastructure, while others are designed for manipulating people.

It is interesting that this development was mentioned by the media, hardly.

Synthetically generated electromagnetic waves can manipulated even thoughts and feelings.

All of these effects have a cause. They are triggered by specific emit invisible but highly effective radiation. Arms industry and intelligence agencies have been working on different ways to use such weapons in secret.

Weapons can also be hidden in the electrical structure of homes. Conveniently is also a attack from the neighbor's house.

The British researchers microwave Barrie Trower says that each transmitter for microwaves can be used as a microwave weapon.

Any microwave mobile phone transmitter-any micro cell (picocell) in shops can be programmed by computer for this, as can any mobile phone you are carrying or use or any family members phone - even if it is totally off.

He means mobile antennas , microcells, wireless home phones and mobile phones. It is therefore possible to attack people at almost all points of daily life and influence. Through the widespread use of mobile (and satellite) there is no place on earth where a person would be safe from the secret influence.

The planet Earth has been transformed secretly and under our very eyes into a giant open-air prison.

Organized stalking:
In addition to torture by electromagnetic radiation many sufferers are terrorized by targeted stalking and other measures.

This includes sabotage, Comuterhacking, defamation, etc.

All these activities are designed to intimidate the victims, to isolate, and slow to drive you crazy. By stalking you destroy the credibility of those affected.

Would the citizens tormented by irradiation of pain and other effects reported, and show the corresponding reading, sure many would be inclined to believe them.

Many victims of this terror are reimbursed when police and prosecutors display. Not a single case in Germany was taken seriously by the authorities.

In all cases, the victims were trying to label as insane spinner. In all other countries will proceed in the same way. Many sufferers from other European countries, from the USA, Canada and Australia report the same experiences. This shows that there is an overarching concept.

Also that in all cases by the authorities repeatedly mental illness is advanced (although there is clear evidence), shows that there is a higher-level control, is how to deal with such allegations.

It is no coincidence that not a single police officer and not a single prosecution wanted to investigate the allegations of the victims.

Neighbours as willing helpers:
The recruited neighbors are told that it is in their neighborhood a dangerous individuals is that must be monitored accordingly.

A few hundred euros a month are sure an incentive for many to store a small electrical appliance in the house and the perpetrators have again to grant access to the victim.

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Astrid Fuchs

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