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Jayapura (West Papua) - Prisoners on behalf Yusak Pakage, who was arrested in the front yard last 7/23/2012 District Court, just because it allegedly carrying sharp instruments, which then imposed "martial law", though the definition of martial law was not clearly seen, now experiencing pain behind the Jayapura Police custody. Joshua reportedly ill, and until this afternoon, he did not eat. Joshua was left to suffer in agony without any attention and concern of local Police officers. Neglect of prisoners, performed by the Police.

According to the visitor (m / t), Joshua until now sick in Police custody. Joshua gout and stomach pain. According to the visitors, Joshua was threatened by two police officers who came from Ambon and Java. While the other, named Ramli. Language issued by the Police "We will torture you until you are dead" (kita akan siksa ko sampai mati), Furthermore, "because you're against the State / Government" (Ko lawan-lawan Negara to!) Said. Terror conducted by the authorities. The process of omission committed by the authorities, it appears that there are indications of torture by the police on Yusak Pakage. (Biko ***)
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