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A letter addressed to human rights watch organization
Mohammed Kara Damour is a young man, was born 02/01/1985, and is a college student in the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, at the industrial engineering department at the University of Aleppo, in addition to his studies, Mohammed volunteered in many civilian organizations and became a supervisor of many projects and activities and helped to make it a success.
The names of the projects he participated in are:

Safety initiativity
“For Aleppo” organization
Society for Education and literacy
charity Association
Future Association
good wishers Associations
Islamic Compound in good deeds

The most important projects and supervise the activities carried out are:

1 - several projects organized by all the education and literacy and ensure that the project was the request of the most important projects, which received the grant () in his first place and is a project to ensure outstanding students and the poor ones who can not complete their studies or have bad physical or financial situation
Muhammad has been a supervisor of several students from the class at the first semester in Primary schools

2 –also participated in several development projects which were organized by the Association in order to progress its work on Aleppo in Aleppo.

3 - Muhammad also supervised the handicapped girl(s) who joined action between the Education Society, and the Society of the future for the disabled and Mohammed believesed that this organization has everything needed and delivers to those who need to be supported scientifically and morally to pass the fateful challenge spite of all the social constraints experienced by them

.4 - in addition to several projects, he also supported and worked with the charity organization ( al ihsan ) and goodness of the people to support poor families and specially during the Ramadan month for the iftar and the distribution of Zakat al-Fitr and (the charity sums given to poor families in this month)

5 – Participated in Several educational and entertainment activities in the Islamic Compound for orphaned children.

6 - with the work of Mohammed and safety initiative is the social network in partnership with several associations set up this initiative based on the conditions experienced by Syria and this initiative is working on the needs of relief
Macs and the young volunteer from the city of Aleppo
Mohammed supervised courses in overseeing the disaster management and principles of first aid under the auspices of the Association for Aleppo ,and the safety initiativity and the goal of the establishment of these courses is to prepare the work of paramedics to help and save the wounded from all sects and creeds and orientations away from the influence of intellectual premise is neutrality.

Mohammed was arrested because of his belief in this principle, he was helping two wounded civilians, with two doctors have been arrested on 05.25.2012 and with the wounded were taken to the Criminal Security branch in Aleppo for 27 days and then the doctors were released but Mohammed alone, according to the information that we received was taken to a Branch of military security in Aleppo until the first of the second month and then was taken to a branch of military security in Damascus until the second month and so far we do not know where he is and what is his fate.

We demand human rights watch organization to follow up this issue and ask the government to determine the fate of the Syrian Mohammed Kara Damour and the disclosure of the current place of detention and release, especially Anu exceeded the legal period of detention and is 60 days.



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He was arrested for his involvement in saving victims and he had his car taken!! He has been moved to a number of security services, including a service for criminal, military and air security in...

He was arrested for his involvement in saving victims and he had his car taken!! He has been moved to a number of security services, including a service for criminal, military and air security in the city of Aleppo, and to the Damascus Service 248, at a Ohhdha torture place.
We are so afraid for his life and we do not know his fate because the above sections deny his existence and they refuse to give any information about him.
We demand freedom for activist Muhammad Kara Damour, a person who had a big heart and fought for goodness and righteousness and we also ask for everyone's right to freedom and peaceful coexistence.
We call upon international organizations and the humanitarian community to assist in finding Mohammed and his liberation from detention. We ask for his safe return to his family and friends, God willing.
Mohammed Kara Damour needs us … Freedom to Syrian people and Humanity ... Freedom to Mohammed.


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