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I, caring and optimistic friend of Talia, am hopeful that Ellen DeGeneres will hear our requests and grant this beautiful, inspirational, and magnificent young lady with a chance to achieve her greatest wish. I am writing to Ellen with the hopes of granting Talia with her dream of performing her incredible makeup talents on Ellen, on national television, and showing the world just how beautiful you can be, both inside and out, even while enduring such a destructive illness. I vow to contact Ellen via any medium to create a miracle for a young lady who has done nothing but provide hope and happiness to those who have seen her videos and have been touched and inspired by her words.


Lauren Gentile

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How this will help

I know that this is lengthy and may not be the most welcoming introduction to read, but I stumbled upon a young youtuber from Florida named taliajoy18. Her real name is Talia, she is 13 years old,...

I know that this is lengthy and may not be the most welcoming introduction to read, but I stumbled upon a young youtuber from Florida named taliajoy18. Her real name is Talia, she is 13 years old, and she started her blog to inspire other individuals with cancer to embrace their beauty and enjoy their lives, regardless of the destruction that the disease may cause. Her mission is to help women understand that cancer doesn't have to be a death sentence, and her goal is to inspire women to embrace their chemotherapy effects, and enjoy their lives as much as possible. (Mind you, this profound and insightful mindset is coming from a middle schooler!)

I do not know her personally but I do know that she thrives off of knowing that she's making a difference in this world, and she has stated time and time again that her Youtube followers and the people that have shown their support have literally kept her going and have given her a reason to keep fighting and to keep a healthy and positive attitude. Although Youtube IS great and her subscribers ARE wonderful, the internet is far larger than Youtube and her message needs to be spread: the internet can create miracles and this girl so desperately deserves one.

Talia has been battling cancer since '05, and a week ago she discovered that she has two forms of terminal cancer. Because the bone marrow treatment is so painful and has such a small survival rate, Talia has so courageously concluded that she will not be undergoing any treatments, but rather living her remaining days to the fullest, pain free. She was told that she has four months to a year to live.

...The point of my submission to Causes is that Talia needs help.

Her birthday was 8/18 and her greatest wish is to do makeup for a celebrity, and specifically, Ellen DeGeneres. If Ellen receives numerous messages, maybe Talia can spread her inspirational message around the world and perform the one thing that she so desperately hopes to do.

I simply cannot back down from this. This girl has helped countless people and she deserves nothing less than the world showing their support. She needs to see how much of an impact she has made (and will make) for a world of people viewing her videos, and she needs to see it while she still is aware of what's going on.

Time IS of the essence and I have personally sent Ellen messages via every contact form and venue that I can. You would do this for a daughter, sister, relative and friend, and I am begging you to see it in your heart to help and make this dream become a reality for a phenomenal human being, and a friend to us all.

The following are just some of her amazing vlogs:


I just want this girl to have something positive in this world. She has dealt with so much, remained so unbelievably strong and positive, and she needs to understand just how special she truly is to this world. Her message, her personality, and her sense of self and humor may always live on in her videos, but she deserves more than that. All that you need to do is send Ellen a message via any (or all) of the following venues:

1. Contact page:
2. Facebook Wall:
3. Twitter:@theellenshow (#TALIAonELLEN needs to be spread like wildfire!)

Thank you so much for reading this post. You miss every shot that you do not take, and I couldn't NOT post this message on the off chance that this could make a positive impact on her life.

Talia can be reached at [email protected] and Christy Perry, her contact for media affairs, can be reached at [email protected].

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