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It is stated in Article 14 of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights “Everyone has the right to seek and to enjoy in other countries asylum from persecution.” Under Article 14, do White South-Africans, a minority ethnic people in South Africa, fit the requirements of a refugee, do they therefore have a right to seek asylum in Australia and is Australia adequately upholding its obligations under the International Refugee and Human Rights Laws?

The Refugee Convention and the Protocol define a refugee as someone who is outside the country of their nationality or habitual residence and has a well founded fear of persecution on the grounds of race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group, or political opinion, and is unable to seek or is fearful of seeking protection in that country or is fearful of returning to their country. A person who is a refugee has a number of important rights under the Refugee Convention, including: the right to seek asylum in a country outside their country of origin which has agreed to be bound by the Refugee Convention, the right not to be returned to the country where they have a well-founded fear of persecution, the right not to be discriminated against or penalized because they are a refugee, the right to equal access to the courts, freedom of religion and movement, the right to education and employment and access to travel documents. (Migration Legislation Amendment Act (No. 6) 2001 (Cth), section 5).

White South Africans are a minority ethnic group in South Africa since the 17th Century.

Since the new Democracy of 1994 approximately 50 000 White South-Africans have been killed by groups of Black people on a daily basis in racially motivated murders. (click on archives) Groups are regularly encouraged to these atrocities by their leaders when dancing and singing songs like "kill the Boer kill the farmer", see:
"bring my machine gun" and " one settler one bullet" see:
and with hate speech by the leaders of government.

White South Africans have further been ordered to hand in their weapons and most are now unable to defend themselves.

They are also discriminated against by draconian racial labour laws based on the colour of their skin. include the Black Economic Empowerment Act and Affirmitive Action Laws. These facts can no longer be ignored and denied by the International community.

Dr Gregory Stanton, an American Constitutional Lawyer of says that his organization has graded South Africa as Stage 6 out of 7 stages of genocide – when death lists are drawn up, propaganda targeting the target-groups distributed, groups are formed, attacks are starting to culminate in a full-out Genocide, and target groups forced into camps or marginal land sites. People have been told to prepare for massacres.

The primary driver for emigration among White South-Africans is fear of murder, crime and exclusion from the mainstream work force. With more than 50 killings a day, or more than two every hour, South Africa has one of the highest per capita murder rates in the world. The same goes for rape—ranking the country alongside conflict zones such as Sierra Leone, Colombia and Afghanistan. For these murder and rape statistics see the South African Police Service website at and Future Fact polling indicates that more than 95 percent of those eager to leave South Africa rate violent crime as the single most important factor affecting their thinking.

Another largely unnoticed problem is the growing number of attacks on South Africa's white farmers, approximately 4000 cold blooded murders since democracy in 1994: see and and in neighboring Zimbabwe, these attacks are mostly racially motivated.

Now, upon reading about the desperate sufferings that the white South-Africans as a minority ethnic group must endure, we bring this to the attention of the Australian Government and hereby request, with great appreciation, that the White South-Africans be granted asylum based on the obligations under the Refugee Convention and other International Human Right Treaties which the Australian Government is a signed party to.


Cara-Lee Wiese

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Please sign this petition if you believe it is important that the Australian Government should be made aware of the daily murders on the White South-African People and that they should be granted...

Please sign this petition if you believe it is important that the Australian Government should be made aware of the daily murders on the White South-African People and that they should be granted Asylum by the Australian Government.


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