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How this will help

Abused Kids – Child Abuse Support cause is run by Ark of Hope for Children and Blair Corbett. Did you know we are one of the very few large child abuse causes that actually benefits ONLY child abuse victims? Other causes larger than ours say they will help them read, but what about the severe emotional pain and trauma from their past? With our work and advocacy, and your passion and donations a true lasting transformation is being achieved in many countries the world over.

Post traumatic stress, depression, anxiety, nightmares, being far behind their peers in school, misunderstood, bullied, separated from siblings, bounced from home to home... the list goes on and on. Victims worldwide are receiving far too little emotional help to overcome the obstacles forced upon their minds by their abusers. Too often drugs, alcohol and suicide feel like their only options to escape the ever tormenting memories from their past.

Daily Ark of Hope for Children counsels and mentors child abuse victims, young and old, all over the world. We use our Counter Attack Survivors Coaching program on safe live chat sites, email, etc. We have built a great and safe site where victims and survivors support each other, and where advocates listen to help break the chains of the past.

We hear time and again that the abused will become abusers. Ark of Hope for Children scoffs at that negativity. The reason for this most often is that the right people have not stood in the gap for them with intentional plans to alter the trauma caused by their abuse.

Please join the cause, invite & get involved as we mobilize to help more victims become empowered, victorious survivors! EACH TIME you click "Invite" you can invite 25 more from your friends list.

Thank you!
Ark of Hope for Children


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