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Help ROLDA open a wild habitat for Romanian strays

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A traveler to explore by foot Bucharest or deeper inside the country by car is immediately shocked by the pack of dogs or lonely dogs at every step, near the trash bins, near hospitals, fast food, in the middle of the road, train stations. Small or big, different colors, shapes, young or old, disabled, just born puppies –their variety is another proof that crossbreeds multiplied accidentally over and over again and that this "problem" (as we humans call, or their tragedy, seen through a dog eyes)persists from years.

Stray dogs within a town or city will try to adapt their living anywhere they can. Like all other animals, they want to be dry and safe in a relatively quiet area. This instinct for protection makes the industrial sites or the former factories, ruins ideal areas for a stray dog to live. The distance between human settlements transform these dogs into wild animals soon.

Like humans, dogs have different characters and show different behaviors or personalities. Some dogs are learning to be beggars in order to survive – they come near your car at the gas station and give you the paw or wag their tail and act silly to get your attention, to reach your heart …and if they are lucky, they get the food from compassionate people one more day.

Stray dogs eat like wolfs, when they have the chance as it might take few days until the next meal will come. Sometimes they hunt small size wildlife species. A stray dog will eat almost anything a human might classify as eatable. The most important factor in diet is the smell of the item.
When desperate, stray dogs will often eat plastic containers that smell like food. And I have seen a lot of these situations sadly.
In soon to be 10 years of shelter administration activity, some of my efforts focused (and succeed) to provide exclusively dry dog food for my rescue dogs. Not rests of meals, not trash – like it happens often in others Romanian centers. Just high protein, medium quality dry dog food as I see my rescue dogs as lucky souls who deserve to be treated royally after a lifetime of sufferance.

Like the humans, dogs dislike being in captivity, especially the wild strays who don't accept being incarcerated in kennels for longer time. Some are refusing to eat during the first days spent in shelter, some sadly don't know how to eat the dry food…as they never tasted before – watching closely these dogs particularities is a rare opportunity, often a sad experience but for sure, it is a lesson of life.

After years of gathering experience, we discovered a solution for the dogs with call for the wild…We are relying on our donors to raise the funds to create a wild habitat for un-adoptable dogs who will never gave up, in their mind and heart at their freedom.
The start up cost for the wild habitat project is 3000 EUR/ha
Hundreds of dogs happiness will be priceless.

We accept in some conditions loans or partnership to purchase the land/forest for the dogs natural reservation.
Please contact us [email protected] or mobile 0040748903612

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