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I rescue and help Romania street dogs for over 10 years. From feral, wild dogs that need months of rehabilitation to lost or abandoned dogs, which are perfect pets but unlucky to have a wrong human companion.
Working with animals from passion, I try to understand their feelings, the drama they live on the streets and compare their situation often with humans.
Romania is a poor country with corrupt leaders. The average salary of a Romanian is 300 USD/month while most of people earn much less. In the same time, the prices for daily needs like food, gas, electricity, current bills are comparable with most of the West European countries like France, Germany, Spain. Romania got rid of 50 years of communism and soon after became known for the orphan children, abandoned after being born in trash bins or in orphanages establishments. Thanks to the biggest TV channels reports, the World heard about these innocents kids' drama and soon many of them start to be adopted throughout the World or got aid to be well-cared.
20 years after the communism gone, Romania limited the international adoptions of childrens because European Union regulations.

Romania as a country lost one by one its true values in sport, economy, literature, art and gives a persistent impression that we were never good in conserving and promoting our values. Or at least in learning from the past mistakes.

Romania as a country seems to fall apart, even if tourists who make the first step out of the international airport from Bucharest are positively impressed by the European make-up look of "modern" Bucharest. Romania is the country where you can see many luxury cars but few people know that we have none completed highway, while the country size is about 600 miles in length. We are actually the only country from European Union with no highway.
Romania is the country where people pay for years and years medical insurance but don't benefit of medical care if forced to stay in hospital, people are asked to bring even their own syringe and bandages.

Romania has more problems unsolved because malfunctioning system in the past 20 years, one of these problems is the strays. About 2.5 -2.8 millions strays in total.
Romania is not a tourist country, the tourists are barely see the realities from inside the country. Comparing Romanian strays problem with Mediterranean strays problem is very far from the truth. Possible due to millions of tourist from abroad and their impact, possible because a different management, countries like Cyprus, Greece, Portugal or Spain almost eradicated the dogs from streets, placing them in shelters, organizing sterilization programs, etc.

Sadly, the bad luck for a Romanian stray comes more then once. It doesn't seem enough for the dog to be born on the streets, scared, alone, wild, hunted or to be abandoned by "his best friend, the human". He is living into a country, where there is not much hope for a future. And this is exactly what most of the Romanians also feel. The Romanian stray lives in a EU country where his sufferance is not seen, debated by people which would have the power to change the things for better.


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