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On Friday November 30th 2007 around 6 in the evening, Amir Ibrahim (8), child of Somalian immigrants, was reported missing in Maastricht, the Netherlands. The next day he was found dead under a car in a garage at a dairy farm in Eijsden, the southernmost town in Holland.

The boy supposedly fell on a pedestrian crossing and was ''hooked'' under a car that tore him some 7 miles to Eijsden, while he was alive. How he died remained a mystery, no certain cause of death. That’s how police described the course of events in a 318 page police file.

Internet activist Carla Aquarius (48) investigated the mystery, contacted the mother of the child, Kadija Idris, who handed Aquarius all the documents produced in this case. The first discovery was that there were two death certificates of the deceased child. One in Maastricht and one in Eijsden.

Soon more discrepancies followed, Aquarius and Eduard van Diemen interviewed the witnesses mentioned in the police file again. It became clear that police file 2007170431 was completely falsified. The real story is that the child was killed by the police. This immigrant family had been harassed from the moment they set foot in the Netherlands.

The children were under government custody (OTS), a common measure for immigrants, meaning their sovereign citizen status is taken away. Parents must follow orders in the daily upbringing of their children.

The tone had been set in these shocking reports ( from the Youth Care Bureau. The Government reduced Rahima and Amir to an IQ of 65 and sent them to so-called special schools. Father Yusuf was established some kind of a barbarian from Africa, mother labeled as unfit. It was dirty slander. This was the most loving family one could imagine.

A court-appointed guardian (often an ex-police officer) told Kadija what clothes to buy the children, what clubs to join, and even what food to give them. Yusuf didn’t agree with the interference, took a lawyer, and was about to make a solid argument why the government interference was wrong. The guardian made Kadija choose: ‘if you stay with your husband you can’t see your children anymore’.

Listen to this interview.

Mother ‘chose’ her children and was moved to Maastricht. But she always kept a good relationship with her husband. Not only this, she also kept demanding the best for her children and asked critical questions. The family guard explicitly threatened Kadija with UHP if she didn’t comply.

One morning Kadija was taking out paper to the recycling station. The container was loaded, so she put the box next to it. Ten seconds later the neighborhood police watch tapped her on the shoulder and gave her a ticket of 100 dollars for littering.
This kind of aggression had become common. From the police, and the neighborhood.

When Kadija went to the police station to press charges against a couple of guys who had attacked Amir and tore his coat to pieces, officers just laughed her in the face, did nothing. Having fled from a war in Somalia, mother took it as a given that in the Netherlands she would get equal treatment for her children. This is the country, however, that was slapped on the wrist by the UN several times for locking up refugee children during the asylum procedure.

Returning from school that Friday, Rahima and Amir ran a little errant at the Aldi store. Back home, mother gave them some change to buy candy at the Spar Market. The owner, Mrs Eussen, confirms they were in the store around 4 pm.

That piece of information proved that Amir reached the other side of the pedestrian crossing alive. This fact alone destroyed the proposition on which the whole police file was built.

Leaving the store, they took a sharp right into the Seringenstraat to visit a girl they played with. Waiting in front of the girl’s house – they were not allowed in - Amir saw a police van coming at him and started running back towards the Spar. A colored person running, that’s guilty as charged!

Police started pursuit. Amir took a right turn into the Ringovenweg. There he actually did have a little encounter with a slow driving car, got up and managed to cross the Tongerseweg. Near the Church in the Athoslaan police put him down. In a blind rage of racism.

A seemingly insignificant number in the police file, the HKS number, gave away why a police unit was sent out that Friday afternoon. Number 412: FIGHTING. Someone in the neighborhood accused Amir of kicking and beating. It was just another false accusation. It doesn’t even matter who made the call. Remember, the crime tip lines are as abundant here as tulips and windmills.

The Ibrahim family ''didn’t assimilate according to plan''. The family guardian wrote it down in official documents, just like that.


Carla Aquarius started investigating custody cases in 2006. The government followed her, tapped her phone and sent over plainclothes policeman to bang on doors and windows. Clear messages to stop her activities. December 14th 2009, this was shortly after she got hold of the Amir Ibrahim files, the police conducted a raid on her house in Weert. Subsequently her website was shut down.

On july 20th 2010 Aquarius was arrested and thrown in an isolation cell for 2½ weeks. Renowned law firm Moszkowicz got her out. She was never convicted of any crime. Another journalist-filmmaker Abdi Jama took on the same case. He was found dead in a canal in Amsterdam, January 2009. Amir’s mother Kadija fled the Netherlands with her daughter, afraid of retributions for giving away the police file.


Amir Ibrahim

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By signing the petition we can expose the police cover-up on a massive scale and force the government to set it right. At the same time protect those who discovered the cover-up.


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