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VOTE for SOS in the Great Charity Giveaway!

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How this will help

I am excited to share that after the first day of the Suburban Collection's Great Charity Giveaway, SOS is in 2nd place out of 76 charities with 102 votes! The $15,000 award for 1st place is enough for SOS to provide 1,000 nights of shelter and supportive services for people who need our help.

If each of us takes a minute or two to follow these instructions, I know we can win:

1) Visit this site and VOTE for SOS by clicking the 'Love It' button:

2) REPEAT step #1 daily until voting ends at 5pm on August 31st. Put a reminder in your calendar once a day so that you don't forget! We will follow up with further instructions for the second round if/when we make the cut.

3) SHARE this e-mail with as many people as you can! Forwarding this message on is a very simple way to support our mission.

Thank you so much for all of your support!

All my best,
Ryan Hertz

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