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Raise awareness about ROLDA work in Romania

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How this will help

Why ROLDA continue to need more extraordinary, compassionate people like you?

For hundreds dogs being adopted safely, for countless puppies prevented to be born, for all the tangible amazing accomplishments listed below, which couldn't be possible without you and all our others great donors! And for many new projects to come, that will improve the quality of life of our rescued dogs!

2003/2004 Built a private shelter (top rated among others 17) as the best shelter from Eastern Europe.

2003-2012 Almost 6000 sterilizations done in Galati, industrial area and Smardan village.

2007 A long-lasting partnership with ArcelorMittal, the only company from Europe that had chosen to invest to solve humanely the strays' problem. We are proud that AMG had chosen ROLDA as partners from all the other Romanian charities.

2007-2009 Building the large shelter in partnership with AMG.

2010/2011 Renovated partially the Adoption Center: digging a new well and a new fencing, building from ground a new paddock (providing the best comfort for the dogs and maximum security) and a new running space.

2011 Funds were approved by AMG board (in spring 2011) for kennels updates, the renovation work started in fall 2011 for 4 paddocks and building from ground a veterinary clinic named REX, the first charitable clinic from Galati region.

2007-2012 Between 700-1000 homeless street dogs helped every year, day by day: rescue from streets, treated, rehabilitated, sterilized.

2009-2012 Over 300 dogs (including disabled) adopted in safe homes in Europe and USA

2012 – AMG approved a budget to connect the large shelter to electric network, to relocate 4 paddocks and to renovate the remained 4 paddocks completely, to provide maximum of security and comfort to about 600 dogs sheltered!

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