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People should sign because it is time to bring the change.
People should sign because it is time to show that we have evolved as wiser individuals and not the cannibals.
People should sign because it is time to stand for what is true and justice to these animals.

PITBULLS have had a tough time in past 25 years or so and it is time for us to undo the damage and start the repair work. We have to remove this so called label of DANGEROUSNESS related to PITBULLS and show their good side to the people who are unaware of the fact that PITBULLS are just like other dogs and all they want is love, care, food and shelter.

It is a myth that Pitbulls possess JAW LOCK MECHANISM and studies reveal hat no dog possesses this so called Mechanism and all that PITBULLS possess is sheer Strength and a lot of Love for us.

It is time to unleash the live within them and not the aggression which has been the headline most often.

It is time for us to leave aside our Ego and work for what is better for us as well as these animals.

It is time or us to show how wise we are and most importantly, it is the time to show that there is humanity and compassion left in us..

Let's not let all this become a waste. It is not a war. It is a sincere effort to show what is disclosed from the common people.


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