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The U.S. president, the U.S. congress, the U.S. senate, the U.S. house of Representatives, the U.S. military

We urgently oppose any military action against Iran & demand lifting the sanctions

We the undersigned hereby Petition the unjustified and inhumane position of the U.S. government for applying sanctions and hawkish attitude that harm Iran and the Iranian people.

The IAEA has confirmed Iran's peaceful nuclear activity. Iran has the right to develop it's peaceful nuclear energy. In fact Iran is neither a threat to the U.S. nor to it's neighbors. Neither the current regime nor the previous Iranian regimes have ever attacked or invaded any country.

Iranians have been already victims of chemical and biological weapons, Germany and France delivered Saddam back in the 80's. Half a million Iranians suffer from chronic diseases caused by chemical & biological weapons still 24 years after Iran-Iraq war.

The war in Afghanistan & Iraq killed so many American soldiers, and innocent Afghans & Iraqi civilians. These wars made so many innocent physically and psychologically disabled. Years after Iraq war, George W. Bush admitted, the U.S. has been misinformed about Iraqi warheads and they haven't found any weapons of mass destruction.
These wars cost the U.S. tax payers billions of dollars.

A military attack on Iran would result in a war, far worse than any war we'd experienced so far, catastrophic for the whole world.
This war will increase the oil price ten fold and will sacrifice again precious lives of many American soldiers & innocent Iranian civilians.

Such an attack might also affect the entire region in unpredictable ways, which could cause serious damage to the whole world.

An attack on Iranian nuclear facilities might cause the dispersal of radioactive materials among civilian populations, and in that case the attacking couintry, as well as those carrying out the bombing might be charged with war crimes.

A military attack on Iran and the war that would break out in its wake might lead to the blocking of the Straits of Hormuz, a major disruption of the global oil supply, a sharp rise in oil prices, and a severe aggravation of the global economic crisis. In that case, the public in Europe and the United States might lay the blame on the involved countries, with very serious and far-reaching consequences.

We oppose any military attack on Iran!
We demand lifting the inhuman sanction by U.S. & Europe on Iran. These sanctions harm and effect the working class Iranians.

Best regards


Erwin Gharib

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A war with Iran would affect the rest of the world. This mad war might destroy totally the world oil industry in the Persian Gulf and paralyze the world economy & stability


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