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Be the Extended Arm of Help for Another

This pledge closed almost 4 years ago

How this will help

Each day we are given an opportunity to change what may have held us back yesterday. Today millions of families are dealing with some type of violence and/or abuse within their home. Many of our children are dealing with issues of bullying as they prepare to go back to school. It seems our streets are overflowing with gangs and gun violence.

Today I ask you to join with this cause Stop Whispering and be that Extended Arm of Help for Another!!! If we are aware of what resources are available within our communities; be it a church, a center, an advocate or non-profit organization, even helping to find hotline numbers to various services; this can all make a big difference. This knowledge gives you the ability to reach out to someone who may be struggling and provide a list of resources they can connect with for help. This is being the extended arm of help.

Empower yourself with the resources; feel the blessings of knowing that you have helped another on the path to a more positive life; feel the comfort of knowing that you might save a life rather than reading another headline of murder.

On behalf of this cause, the entire team at DFAC, and the many advocates/activists that are guiding families through very crucial turning points; I thank you and hope that you too will take this pledge and simply offer a hand of hope to those around you.


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