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Dear Sun newspaper, I have recently stumbled upon a facebook group known as Dead baby jokes. I along with many other people have reported it as been sick and offensive to other readers. Facebook have ignored these reports and the group continues in full sick strength.
My point is, a page making humour in relation to 'dead babies' is absolutely disgusting and sick! Even if these 'dead babies' are fictitious, it would be such a kick in the teeth to a grieving parent who has just suffered a miscarriage or a cot death.
I didn't go searching for this awful page, it just happened to land on my facebook after one of my friends made a comment on the wall labelling it as sick, therefore in my opinion I was displayed it against my control and it's upset me deeply!
Seems to me that facebook are not interested in the feelings and show no consideration of their users with their terms and conditions but more interested in protecting themselves again law cases which may occur from nudity or racial intent etc.
I have since joined a facebook group called 'Put An End To The Dead Baby Jokes Page' or '' in support that it's removed and banned and my reason for emailing you has been inspired from this page as a means of been heard!
Please will you help us to demolish this sick nasty evil group with your newspaper?

Thank you in advance.


David Murphy

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This is a really sick page, that has been offending and hurting Mothers & Dads Around the world that have lost children.


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