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Help prevent bullying & hate crimes!

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Too many people, young & old are taking their own lives due to bullying and hate. What if it were your child, sibling, parent, grand parent or best friend? What is the point of being so angry & hateful?? What if the last thing you did to someone was hit them, or make them feel worthless by hurtful words and the next day they were gone? You would't have the option to apologize, OR take it back! If it would have no affect on you, then this is NOT the pledge for you to take. Be kind to one's really not that big of a task. Come together people, and treat others as you would want to be treated, or how you would want your loved ones to be treated. Take this pledge if you wish for peace over only takes a few minutes. Be kind, and share a little love each and every really DOES make a difference!


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