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Ask the Governor of Illinois to VETO a bill that would prohibit bag bans.

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UPDATE (26 August 2012):

Thank you!!!
As a result of your calls, your e-mail messages, and your letters, the Governor was inspired and encouraged to reject Senate Bill 3442.

We encourage you to thank the Governor for taking a stand for the environment.

For more information about the Governor's action, please visit our press release:


All we need is 35 seconds of your time.
Please help us squash Illinois Senate Bill 3442.

If you live in Illinois, please call the Governor.
If you don't live in Illinois, please simply help us spread the word!


(What should you say when you call? scroll down....)

Disguised as a pro-environment recycling bill, Illinois Senate Bill (SB) 3442 pretends to be beneficial by proposing to increase recycling efforts... but that increase is a laughable 1%, and more importantly, the bill prevents cities from enacting bag bans.

Plastic bags are not only a nuisance and a blight, but they are responsible for much of the trash in the ocean. In the 2009 International Coastal Cleanup, more then 1.1 MILLION bags were collected from our shorelines. This was 11% of the trash - and second only to cigarette butts.

SB 3442 promotes recycling of bags and seems well intentioned, but it's an industry tactic, and this legislation actually PROHIBITS local/municipal bag bans.

Recycling of bags doesn't work. California tried that, and even after years of ramped up efforts and mandatory collection bins, etc., we're still seeing only mere single-digit percentages.

That's why jurisdictions around the world are banning single-use plastic bags.

Please OPPOSE SB 3442 so that Illinois is not crippled by the plastic bag industry, and so that a horrible precedent is not set.

How can you help?
Illinois residents, please call the Governor's office at 217-782-0244 or 312-814-2121.

You won't need to go into great detail when you call.
When you call, an office staff member will answer.

Simply say:
"I am an Illinois resident and I urge you to VETO S.B. 3442. Plastic bag recycling doesn't work, and SB 3442 is bad for us all."

That's it! You've helped!

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