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Article written by: "SanWild, A SANCUARY FOR WILDLIFE

In 1997 the Cooke Report screened in the United Kingdom exposed a terrible practice in South Africa in which private landowners were allowed to breed lions in captivity specifically to be killed in the trophy hunting industry – it soon became known as canned lion hunting. There was an immediate international public outcry and for the next the next 13 years the South African authorities and the lion breeders and hunters gave the animal welfare and conservation communities the run around.
The authorities and government claimed to be working towards the eradication of the canned lion hunting industry; while the lion breeders and hunters continued to build their unethical empires on the lives on defenseless creatures. Sadly despite a clear indication that the public at large wanted to rid South Africa of this foal and disgusting hunting practice, there was no political will and in 2010 the South African government lost a legal battle to stop this practice. Off course it goes to say that their attempts to stop canned lion hunting was so poor that one can only presume it was done deliberately to ensure the practice continues and today this industry is alive and thriving in South Africa.
Despite huge local and international condemnation at least 2000 lions continue to die every year at the hands of trophy hunters and at the hands of their owners who shoot and euthanize them to supply a growing trade in lion bones to China for the manufacture of “lion wine” that has become a substitute for tiger wine."


Jane Schnehage

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Thank you for joining me. Let us petition President Zuma as the Government lost the court case in 2010 to stop canned hunting. I can only ask WHY?


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