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Leaders amending our Constitution

The David Triplett Video proves that hemp oil cures skin cancer and many other medical conditions. Rick Simpson's run from the cure should be viewed by all, people should not be subjected to chemo and radiation. The majority of people say legalize it but leaders know it opens the pineal gland and makes you smart, like Rick Simpson. With over 50,000 uses and no need to work our butts of to produce this natural resource which has been used since BC and was even used in Jesus's holy anointing oil called Kanneh Bosom. This rediculous cult like vendetta by the elite needs to stop and people need to realize Bio-fuel and medicine can be made in an enviromentally friendly way also producing oxegen while it's being made. It's a win win for all and no one will ever have to work hard again, they can be gardeners while being happy and smiling. 2/3 of the world on anti-depressants and the rest on morphine and alcohol. Sad and time to stop all the pain, sickness, hunger and homeless. Time to evolve with or without our beer drinking leaders who seem to want to live in the past where they control us with their many new laws to keep us suppressed with their poisonous floride in our water, green tea, juice and toothpaste. If your child eats a tube call poison control. Just plain ignorant for it's compared to lead and arsenic poison. agent orange dropped on unsuspecting residents of MB, Genetically modified food. 1 Billion a year keeping their secrets secret. Full disclosure, drug and lie detector tests for those who want to be leaders of the New FREE WORLD not New World Order, as if!


Debbie Lawrence

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This used to be Canada and the US's major crops, George Washington grew it as one of his main crops. 1600 Jamestown settlers were required by law to grow it. 50,000 uses according to Rick Simpson...

This used to be Canada and the US's major crops, George Washington grew it as one of his main crops. 1600 Jamestown settlers were required by law to grow it. 50,000 uses according to Rick Simpson who is currently healing people's cancer with hemp oil. Tommy Chong was just diagnosed with prostate cancer when he was put in jail for cannabis, same thing happened to Jack Layton who smoked and quit when the harper cons wouldn't stop harrassing him. Kids are subjected to chemo and radiation as well as adults, this destroys your good cells, when all it takes is a little hemp oil to cure it. Big pharma and petrochemical co made hemp illegal so as to sell chemical drugs like anti-depressants which put holes in your belly, make people crazy and suicidal. Cannabis has been used since BC until the industrial revolution, now we have enough pipline to go around the earth 100 times and morphine and codine which causes severe memory loss is being pushed when cannabis will suffice. This rediculas cult like vendetta by the illuminati drunks needs to stop now and hopefully this is a start to making people aware. Right now the US has a guy in jail for curing his neighbor's skin cancer, to me being able to use that other part of my brain I say make alcohol illegal because hemp has never killed anyone ever. Even asprin kills many, cannabis is just like having a cup of coffee and is a safer alternative to alcohol. The drinkers running the show don't want other's to wise up to their huge pyramid scam where the taxpayer pays for the elite's slush fund. Right now Lord Blackheath has presented a 5 trillion dollar scandel involving many banks, politicians ect., just like building #7 from the Sept 11, did everyone know the scumbags that owned them got 2 times as much because there were 2 planes, not 1. Also all scandelous records were in that building. No plane hit that one, so explain why all the firemen responding to that call said there were many smaller explosions caused by bombs after the planes hit. The illuminati, Skull and Bone Zionests must be stopped. Genetically modifiying our food and florinating our water and not legalizing hemp and cannabis is genocide and shouldn't be permitted to happen. I'd never date a drunk how can we let them destroy the planet and the health and safty of many, especially all the poor starving kids all over the world who count on their parents to take care of them. Antidepressents are making them suicidal taking their families down with them. Lets do something about this bull crap we are fed. Thanks


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