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How this will help

The Modesty Movement is dedicated to reviving sexually conservative values in our world through one simple action: changing the way we dress. We believe that people should be shameful of exposing their body in a sexually provocative manner and that they should dress modestly. The Modesty Movement suggests four points that can be followed to achieve this.

1. Clothing should extend in such a way that it at least covers the neckline (the collar bone) and the armpit above and knee below. The neck should not be so low as to reveal the chest.

2. The clothing covering the above mentioned area should not be transparent.

3. The clothing worn should not be so tight as to reveal the contour of the body.

4. The clothing should not contain designs, images, or messages that are sexually provocative.

These four points can be summarized by the motto, "From the Neck to the Knee." The points were designed so that the body is covered in such a way that it does not attract the sexual attention of other people. They apply equally to both men and women. We believe that the standards of modesty for both men and women are equal. We do not endorse the view that men can be allowed to expose more than women. The moral weight of sexual promiscuity is placed equally on both genders and both genders must hold to sexually conservative values.

By taking this pledge, you here by honor The Four Points of the Modest Movement. From now on, you pledge to apply these standards in the way you dress and encourage others to do the same.

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