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University of Arizona, Tucsonians

Google is providing access to ultra high speed internet with their new Fiber program. These are speed easily 50 - 100x faster than what you currently use today.

While there might be some upfront costs in the short term to put in the cables, in the long run the University will save a lot of money on internet, as well as draw in prospective students ($$$) to enroll here for access to their ultra high speed internet connections.

If an institution like the University of Arizona contacts Google about their interest in Fiber they will get it. We just have to convince the UofA that this is something that we as students want. Don't let the future pass us by... sign, pre-register, and tell your friends. More info at


Roey Chasman

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How this will help

Fiber Optic powered internet is the future of internet. Let the UofA know about your interest to get Google Fiber for our campus!


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