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Lutherans have something to proclaim! This week, a group of LGBTQ leaders known as Proclaim reached 100 members.

Give $100 to support 100!

The group is made up entirely of Lutheran pastors, rostered leaders and seminary students who publicly identify as LGBTQ. This diverse group of leaders is involved in all kinds of ministry throughout the Lutheran church--from congregations to street ministry to youth groups to hospice. Whether in the parish, on the street, at a lock-in, or at the bedside of a dying person, these ministers are sharing the good news of the Gospel for all. It is especially meaningful that these words are coming from people who were once barred from serving as pastors because of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

Proclaim is a program of Extraordinary Lutheran Ministries (ELM). The mission of ELM is to expand ministry opportunities for LGBTQ people called to ministry in the Lutheran church. Visit to learn more.

Give $100 to support 100! Your gift of ANY AMOUNT will help these gifted leaders and their ministries thrive. Thank you to all who are committed to this community.

You support this growing community and their ministries through your contributions to ELM. We need your support more than ever as this community grows in size. You can also mail a contribution to 2649 N. Francisco Ave., Chicago, IL 60647. Thank you!

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