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Not to buy anything in stores that sell puppies or any animals! No kibble, no kitty litter, no toys

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How this will help

Many people do not know or do not realise that the cute puppies, kittens, rabbits etc in pet stores are usually from puppy mills or backyard breeders.

Puppy mills or backyard breeders are only interested in one thing! Making money!!!

They are not concerned about the welfare of their animals in any way. Most animals are bred in captivity with little or no human contact. They are usually kept in horrific conditions, i.e. in filthy, small cramped cages; with no medical treatment when they are sick; etc.

Compromised health and conditions like matting, sores, mange, severe dental disease and abscesses are often widespread. Many puppy mill puppies are born with or develop overt physical problems that make them unsalable to pet stores—which means they end up abandoned or just left to die. Many sick puppies do manage to end up at pet stores, though, where the new puppy owner unknowingly purchases the sick dog.

To help put an end to backyard breeders, we should all make a stand to not buy a dog or any animal from a pet store. While this is a crucial first step, it is not enough to put these irresponsible people out of business.

As such, we would also like to request that all pet owners not buy anything in stores that sell puppies or any other live animals!

Please do not buy kibble, kitty litter, toys or anything for that matter from pet stores with live animals!

"But as long as I am not buying an animal from a pet store, why can't I buy supplies from these pet stores?"

The reason is simple, by purchasing any supplies from pet stores that stock live animals, you are inadvertently supporting these pet stores! As long as pet stores with live animals continue to get support from pet owners who purchase their products, they will have no incentive to stop selling live animals!

So please take this pledge "If a Pet Store Sells Puppies or Animals, I Won't Buy Anything There,"


We will be compiling a list of pet stores that DO and pet stores that DON'T sell live animals in Malaysia on our webpage

So please help us compile this list by leaving a comment on our blog or here with names of pet stores that you know of that fall into either category. Together we can help our Malaysian community make informed choices!


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