Donate to Human Development Foundation-HDF

This fundraiser closed 3 months ago

HDF is proud to celebrate 15 years of groundbreaking work. There is much work left to be done; much work that has been accomplished, and many more people that need the vital services that HDF provides.

Contribute your donation to over 500,000 individuals in need that are beneficiaries of HDF programs.

Do you want to:
-Educate a child for $100 per year?
-Support a family for $15 per month?
-Supply clean water for $12.5 per month?

Please continue to contribute your support towards our imperative programs and projects.

HDF has changed thousands of lives for the better in the last fifteen years. The positive impact of your donations will continue long after the actual money has been spent.

Help spread this Cause: Speak up. Step Forward. Seek Change.


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