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Hon’ble Supreme Court has vide order dated 24th July, 2012 directed cessation of all tourism activity within the core areas of all tiger reserves in India. The compliance shall mean that no tourists shall be able to enter the core areas of any tiger reserves. Prima facie it appears to be a move to curb commercialization of tiger habitats but in reality is a death warrant not only for tourism but also the Tigers and eventually the jungle itself. Today the tourists, guides and the jeep drivers, all act as watchdogs of the forests keeping a constant vigil over poaching and other forest crimes. Tourism ensues constant surveillance of the forests spreading over thousands of square kilometers which cannot be practically handled by few forest guards who are armed with nothing more than a stick. We all being wildlife lovers would always stand for conservation but one wrong move and we would be left with nothing left to conserve.

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Avinash Patel

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