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How this will help

This is easy to do, it requires no money and really very little time and effort on your part. This is a request to the citizens of America, "Will you demand better for our veterans and will you be willing to ask that our leaders and veterans service organizations at every level work together to ensure that no veteran is left behind? If so please take the pledge and pass it on and if the spirit moves you get involved with a local veterans organization, coalition or auxiliary and make a difference:

"I pledge to support our troops, the veteran and the fallen who have sacrificed their lives in the name of freedom, I promise to do my part to ensure that our nations warriors and their families who have served will not be forgotten, I will ask my congressman and senators at both the state and national levels to do their part to ensure that no veteran is left behind. I will demand that the benefits, recognition and due honor given to those who have served this nation not be compromised nor abolished and request that more be done now and in the future to improve those efforts. I promise to simply do as much as I can for those who have served and to help create a true bond of unity between the veteran, civilians and organizations to do that which is right."


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