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The San Antonio Community

To completely ban plastic bags from San Antonio and encourage the use of reusable shopping bags and also place a tax on the use of paper bags in the shopping process.


William Montemayor

This petition closed almost 3 years ago

How this will help

We are Progress San Antonio, and our goal is to ban plastic bag usage not only from grocery stores but from department stores, retail stores, convenience stores, and essentially anywhere in the...

We are Progress San Antonio, and our goal is to ban plastic bag usage not only from grocery stores but from department stores, retail stores, convenience stores, and essentially anywhere in the city of San Antonio. We feel that this action needs to be taken because of the extraordinary harm plastic bags have placed on our environment.

Plastic bags have and continue to put an atrocious impact on our oceans, plastic bags have accounted for almost entirely all the ocean debris not only polluting our precious waters but also harming wildlife. It is estimated by Californians Against Waste that over 100,000 marine turtles and mammals are killed every year by plastic bag debris. Plastic bags are not only destroying our waters but also putting a negative effect on our lands. Plastic bags are non-biodegradable, taking up permanent space in the landfill they are deposited in. Even when placed in a landfill they are still able to escape, finding their way into woods, trees, streets, or even back into our waters. Bio-Degradable bags are utterly useless since they're conditions to biodegrade of full sunlight, water and oxygen in the soil we're not met in the landfills they were placed in. Our Earth is already facing a fossil fuel crisis between our gas guzzling automobiles and our intense factory pollution we are releasing into the air, those will be hard to take effect on immediately but did you know that over 12 million gallons of oil are used in the process of making 100 billion plastic bags since they are constructed of polymer and polymer resin which both are needed to be made by oil or natural gas.

As you can see action needs to be taken and we feel that San Antonio needs to join Portland, Seattle, and our northern neighbor Austin in the battle against plastic bags. Our Solution is simple, everyone and anyone who shops in the city of San Antonio will be expected to bring a reusable bag if not the customer will play a 5 cent tax for every PAPER bag that is used. This is presumed to work because after the country of Ireland imposed this ban, their whole country saw a 95% decrease in plastic bag usage. This can be done and all we need is support from the San Antonio community. It doesn't matter how old you are because this effects our world that we all benefit from and all live our lives , so if you're from the great city of San Antonio and you care about the environment we want you to hit that sign petition button and join the cause to make this world a better place.

Other Facts about Plastic Bag Pollution

•It costs the state about $25 million per year to make sure the discarded bags end up in a landfill—that cost rises into the billions when you add up how much it spends to clear trash, including plastic bags, from its waterways

•Approximately 25 percent of plastic bags used in the west are made in Asia; more fossil fuels have to be used to transport the bags to their destination.

• Plastic Bag Pollution Facts
• Californians Against Waste: Plastic Bag Litter Pollution
• Californians Against Waste: The Problem of Plastic Bags
• Worldwatch Institute: Plastic Bags
• United Nations Environment Programme: Marine Litter: A Global Challenge


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