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Spend at least one day restoring butterfly habitat at the Antioch Dunes National Wildlife Refuge!

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The Lange's Metalmark Butterfly is critically endangered (only 32 counted during peak week, down from 2,500 a decade or so ago, and 250,000 centuries back!). Invasive species are rapidly choking out native plants, including the naked-stemmed buckwheat which is the primary food source/habitat for this butterfly.

We're proposing at least ONE DAY where each of us get as many people together, head over to the dunes, and spend time doing some much needed restoration work--weeding, planting, etc.. The interns at the Antioch Dunes need willing volunteers to get involved, so let's step up for a local species and make sure this beautiful butterfly can survive!

Get your friends and family involved and make a day of it :)

Volunteers are needed to pull weeds and count butterflies and plants too! Call (707) 769-4200, or go to

To contact our campaign, email [email protected]

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