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PLEASE PLEDGE TO PASS ROUND AND SEND OFF AND SHARE THE AFTER ATOS "Customer" Feedback results, to inform and pressurise your government, MP. local councillors and all to back John McDonnell's early day motion on 28th July 2012 Help inform and insist that all should be counted and accounted for.

Info and results found here:
Since 2008 Atos Healthcare on behalf of the government has been assessing and discounting the disabled at a rate of over 3,000 per day and 800,000 per year. At no time did the DWP, Government or Atos put in a feedback system to monitor or account for the disabled. AFTER ATOS sets out to do that. We answer the question. WHAT HAPPENED NEXT?

The government, both this present coalition government and the Labour government before set out to put in programmes that assessed disabilities and disabled people off their benefits and into work programmes by people and businesses not qualified or able to assess disabled or the effects of taking them off their benefits and putting them into work not suited to their disabilities and limitations. Hence severe disabled people and people with terminal illnesses such as cancer were cut off from all basic benefits and basic life needs such as food, heating, housing benefit, aids and support. This included and affected any children or other dependents in the family. In addition to this people with severe disabilities such as cancer, MS, HIV, strokes, multiple amputations and chronic mental health problems were asked to apply for jobs such as cleaning, taxi driving and window cleaning without recognition or respect for their condition or disability.

The whole thing has been a mockery, an insulting and hurtful one and continues to be so.

Yet the government, DWP and Atos Healthcare and other corporations who have contracts to assess, dismiss and manage the vulnerable and disabled of this country have refused to put in an adequate or any ongoing feedback monitoring system to count and account for the disabled going through their programmes
The government (Both coalition and former Labour) have played too long with this experiment and the writing is on the wall. it is a disaster and harming, hurting and even contributing and causing the deaths of disabled, severely ill and the mentally ill.

AFTER ATOS calls on the government to count and account for the disabled and all those going through its WCA and Welfare Reform Programmes, to continue to fail to do so is an gross act of abuse and negligence towards its own people, to whom it is sworn too and wed to protect, uphold and defend the minute it takes office. It is a covenant between a government and its people of which it has abandoned. I ask that the government takes up its position and charge once again and protects, defends and accounts for all the people under it.

Please use the links to the AFTER ATOS site and results from the feedback from those who have gone through the ATOS "Medical" Assessments, and use them to persuade this government, and all others to back AFTER ATOS and all the disabled people, and local people in all communities to count and account for their own.

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J B Knight (Aunty Admin)


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