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Commonwealth Bank made $7.1 billion in profit. That's $7.1 billion dollars that the bank made from our communities and their properties, including office buildings and shopping centres that they own.

Yet, the big bank keeps crying poor, including squeezing their cleaning contracts. A full-time cleaner on minimum wage makes less than $34,000 a year, and that's before tax. Commonwealth Bank has played a positive role in reforming office cleaning around the country, but office cleaners in WA have missed out and are still struggling on poverty-level wages. Furthermore, thousands of hardworking cleaners in shopping centres owned by the big bank are struggling, having to put bills on credit, just to get by.

It takes a full-time cleaner on minimum wage more than 20 years to make what the bank profits in just one hour.

Tell Commonwealth Bank that banks can't take our money and invest only in themselves.


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