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Citipups, Mayor Bloomberg, City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, New York City Council Members

We encourage your store to stop buying from puppy millers and brokers and to convert to an adoption or rescue-centric storefront. This business model has been successfully implemented nationally by many former puppy store operations. You can still run a successful business selling dog food, grooming, dog walking, pet sitting and other companion animal accessories without supporting an industry built on cruelty.

There is clear-cut evidence from an under-cover investigation conducted by the Humane Society that your store has and continues to buy puppies from problematic and unethical commercial breeders. To the chagrin of the neighborhood and animal rights campaigners, you continue to not only sell puppies but also outright harass, intimidate and lead a campaign of consumer misinformation (thoroughly detailed in our pictures and videos).

If you are unwilling to make the humane and moral decision to convert your establishment to one that is adoption-centric; then expect more pressure and dissatisfaction with your store to not only persist, but escalate.

In light of recent moratoriums and out right bans of puppy sales in counties, townships and major metropolitan areas throughout the greater U.S., we also call upon our elected officials both locally and nationally to take a stand against puppy mills and the stores that continue to support them. Mayor Bloomberg, City Council Speak Christine Quinn and City Council members, you have the power to introduce an ordinance to ban the sale of puppies (and kittens) throughout the New York City area. Lets not leave New York behind cities like L.A. which just introduced an ordinance to freeze the sale of puppies and other live animals in its city.


Mikey Feldman

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To encourage Citipups and all pet stores to convert to an adoption based model while still being able to run a profitable business selling animal toys, foods and other related products.

Citipups is...

To encourage Citipups and all pet stores to convert to an adoption based model while still being able to run a profitable business selling animal toys, foods and other related products.

Citipups is a puppystore/petstore in the heart of the Chelsea area of Manhattan. The store has been linked to buying from some of the worse puppy millers in the U.S. by an undercover Humane Society report.

According to the 2011 Humane Society investigation: "gave breeder names and falsely stated that puppy miller/broker Sandra Blake has "wide-open spaces" for her dogs. Linked to puppy sources with problematic USDA reports, including Ruth Zuspann's Kennel in MO (See HSUS'S Dirty Dozen report update)."

You'll find two videos of the conditions and so called "wide-open spaces" of the kennels below:

Sandra (Sandy) Blakes Sanjon Kennel

Zuspann's Kennel

The cited Humane Society investigation:

Here is Citipups website:

This store is protested twice weekly by dedicated community based animal rights activists every Wednesday and Saturday. If you are in the NYC area and would like to get involved with our puppy mill and pet store awareness campaign please reach out to us on our meetup and facebook pages, which are listed below:

When Katie Holmes and her daughter Suri Cruise were out puppy shopping at Citipups, we were right out front to greet them with a loud protest:

If you want to donate and help support our protests and awareness campaigns, you can do so here:

The stores owners and managers have used dirty tactics against demonstrators by leading a campaign of misinformation, harassment and intimidation. Some examples of this are as follows:

1) The store tapes up signs as soon as we arrive for our bi-weekly demonstration stating they don't support puppy mills and to come in and "judge for yourself."

2) The store engages in taunting protesters by name calling and piling trash in front of us.

3) The owner of the store, relatives of the staff and employees have engaged in physically threatening protesters while being video taped.

4) They have hired/called upon a so called "rescue organization" (1 person) who sits in front of their store 3 days a week for a half day to adopt her rescued pets. This is an obvious political ploy to whitewash the nasty record and dealings associated with this company. This rescuer also has no direct knowledge of what exactly a puppy mill is and why pet stores that sell from these operations are an utter disgrace. She has come to the defense of this store because of it's "clean" conditions.

Citipups can be reached here: [email protected]


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