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Dear Friend,

Last Wednesday was a very sad day, as we had to say goodbye to not one, but two, of our very special long-time residents, Baby and Henry. Baby, who had come to us from a feral colony in 2000 (though he was never completely feral), was in his twilight years. His health had been deteriorating for the last several months. About two weeks ago, we observed ear, eye and mouth issues, which did not respond to treatment. Our worst fears were confirmed. Baby had a brain tumor that was impinging on the cranial nerves. It was time to help our dear friend cross over to the Rainbow Bridge.

The fabulous Dr. Michelle, from Choice Veterinary, came to Heaven on Earth and Baby crossed peacefully, with Leandra, our Sanctuary Manager, and Suzanne, our Facilities Coordinator, at his side. Shortly after, while they were saying final goodbyes to Baby, Henry suddenly stretched out full-length and began gasping for air. He had thrown a clot, something we knew could and probably would eventually happen because of an enlarged heart that was working overtime, and by his reaction, Dr. Michelle felt it had gone either to his brain or lungs. Surely, Henry had a guardian angel looking after him for this to have happened while a vet was on site. He was in his home, with BFF Hitchcock close by and Leandra and Suzanne, once again, by his side.

Then the surreal happened. As the injection was administered, a loud exploding sound was heard. Suddenly the kitchen lights beamed bright and the ceiling fan began spinning wildly, as power surged and then disappeared. The whole house lost electricity and everyone there felt the kind of energy that makes your head tingle and the hair on your arms stand up. The official explanation is electrical failure due to 100+ degree heat in a very old house. But we know differently. It takes a lot of energy to begin that journey to the Bridge, especially when the travelers are such beloved souls as Baby and Henry. As Leandra put it, "I think that they burned so bright in life that they wanted to exit this realm with equal grandeur."

Suzanne got the power situation under control very quickly so that all of our residents stayed  safe and comfortable until an emergency electrical team could come out and completely restore power. Of course, this is one of those unanticipated expenses that can put a serious dent in our budget. In honor and loving memory of Baby and Henry, a gift from you now would be so greatly appreciated. They now await us all at the Rainbow Bridge.

Thank you,

Eri Kriteman
Founder and Executive Director


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