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As leader of "Soldiers are Heroes," I would like to thank you for taking the time out of your schedule and participating in this great cause. As you may be aware, "Soldiers are Heroes" was originally set up in attempt to close down defamatory anti-service member pages on social networking sites such as Facebook, not as a means of censorship, but as a means of positive reinforcement of those who have served our country honorably and risked the ultimate sacrifice in order to ensure the sanctity of the very right that would later be used against them. That right is the freedom of speech.

And that risk is altruism in its finest form.

As of today, "Soldiers are Heroes" is boasting well over 422,000 members, with the number steadily growing every day. In light of such strength and commitment, it gives me much pride to inform you of the breakthrough changes the organization will be undergoing in order to place it in the forefront of today's community-based activities and volunteerism. The main goal of this change is to show that our Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines are not only "warriors," but that they "battle on" as service members who are dedicated to enriching the lives of others in our local, state and national commonalities... off the battlefield.

The first of what will be a countless number of steps involved in countering any negative smearing of our military members and veterans is with "Soldiers are Heroes" teaming up with Housing Works ( - an agency dedicated to providing housing, medical, prevention, support services for those in need. In order to fulfill this requirement, I will be participating in a 300-mile bicycle trek from Boston to New York City in efforts to raise awareness and funding for Housing Works while simultaneously showing the support of members from "Soldiers are Heroes."

The fundraising goal is $7,000. That is less than one-fiftieth of our membership. Thus, all I ask is for one dollar from any member who may spare it. Additionally, anyone who would like some fresh air and exercise is more than welcome to join! All members riding in team "Soldiers are Heroes" will be listed on the team page. For more information, please visit Housing Works' website.

For donations, please take the pledge of raising one dollar to take "Soldiers are Heroes" to a higher echelon of ethics and morality.

Please donate at:

My sincerest gratitude.

Blanka K. Stratford
U.S. Army Veteran


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