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Wyoming Premium Farms
abused animals in the most horrific ways.

Piglets are haphazardly swung in circles, sows are beaten, and animals squirm with untreated abscesses in new footage alleging animal abuse at a Wyoming pig breeding facility.

The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), an animal advocacy group, hired an undercover investigator to spend the month of April 2012 working at a Wyoming Premium Farms facility in Wheatland, Wyo.

HSUS identified one pig in its video on whose back, it said, a worker sat and bounced even though the pig had a broken leg. Other animals suffered from rectal and uterine prolapses.

Wayne Pacelle, president and CEO of HSUS, described on a press call how one pig was forced to give birth on a set date. "The worker intended to stick his arm in the animal's uterus to pull out the piglets, but instead went into her anus and caused the prolapse there. This animal lived another 11 days in this condition," he said.

According to HSUS, the farm is owned by Denver-based Itoham America Inc., which HSUS says sells to Tyson Foods, the world’s second largest meat processor. Itoham America could not be reached by phone.

Wyoming Premium Farms' website states that its facilities "consist of a breeding farm housing over 5,000 sows, a nursery and two finishers with capacity to finish all pigs, feedmill to mix all feed required and a corporate office." The farms were established in 1995 "with the purpose of producing healthy pigs in a clean environment." The company did not return requests for comment.

In April, HSUS filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission, arguing that the National Pork Producers Council's public descriptions of that quality assurance program make false claims and constitute deceptive advertising.

The National Pork Producers Council hit back on its website, saying, "The FTC complaint is the latest attack by animal-rights activists on America's hog farmers, an assault that seems obviously in response to the U.S. pork industry's strident opposition to congressional legislation that would allow federal bureaucrats to tell farmers how to raise and care for their animals."

I wish this would finally happen !

To address both the specific alleged abuse at Wyoming Premium Farms and broader issues of animal welfare, Pacelle said, the pork industry should abandon the use of gestation crates -- small enclosures in which sows are kept during pregnancy -- and local law enforcement should vigorously enforce anti-cruelty laws.

More generally, no federal law protects farm animals from cruelty while they are on farms, and some states exempt farm animals from their anti-cruelty laws.

"What we've seen on this video is animal cruelty by virtually any state's definition -- the intentional kicking, throwing, stomping, beating of animals for the purpose of inflicting pain and suffering."



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