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The Mayor of Chania in Crete

Dear Mr Skoulakis,

The recent incident in Kaina, described in this link ( is truly APPALING and warrants an IMEDIATE investigation at the highest level.

The shelter of Mrs. Linda Lucas situated on PRIVATELY owned land near Vamos, which offers sterilisations, vaccinations, care and welfare for many of Chania’s dumped, abandoned and unwanted dogs, runs ENTIRELY on the financial DONATIONS from overseas charity.
It is disgraceful that this shelter operated by VOLUNTEERS and costing Cretan people of your authority NOTHING has suffered from harassment for years from land owners in the surrounding area. The shelter does not cause any problems for residents, the fencing is secure, and the site is not in a populated area.

You MUST be aware of the many past threats and problems caused to these volunteers and the animals in their care. Why has authority action NOT been taken to protect, promote and assist the extremely valuable work which they do? Your municipality animal care and welfare provision would be reduced to truly ABYSMAL LEVELS without this shelters VITAL contribution.

I and others have been promoting Chania Municipality for its recent decision to at least part finance, some stray animal care. This horrendous event and the publicity it has rightly received has once again seriously and dramatically affected Chania’s animal care LACK OF PROVISION and reputation.

Many now demand an immediate thorough investigation together with a press release that this abject, mindless and illegal cruelty will NOT be tolerated and actions will be taken to protect the shelter, its volunteers and its animals.

I also feel that a meeting should be arranged with adjacent land owners to inform them of the importance of the shelters work. Farmers must be made aware of the fact that the WHOLE AREA's tourist input is seriously UNDERMIND by continual harassment of the shelter and abuse of stray animals. Lack of municipality and police action to halt this harassment must have played a HUGE role to encourage a mindless coward to commit this horrendous attack against defenseless dogs in this shelters care.

Your urgent action is extremely important, many people are awaiting a personal statement from you emphasizing that you will do all in your power to not only rigorously pursue the perpetrator but also offer a solution and action to give meaningful protection to this shelter.

We look forward to your response.


Ioannis Christidis

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How this will help

The island of CRETE once again at the TOP of ANIMAL CRUELTY in Greece!

This time, the locals poisoned at least 32 dogs, laying around & WITHIN the animal shelter that Mrs.Linda Lucas (British...

The island of CRETE once again at the TOP of ANIMAL CRUELTY in Greece!

This time, the locals poisoned at least 32 dogs, laying around & WITHIN the animal shelter that Mrs.Linda Lucas (British national) has established at the outskirts of the village of Kaina, near Vamos, since 2007. (You can watch her interview here: )

As this is a MULTIPLE and RECURRING crime against animals on the island of Crete, I think people who plan on visiting Crete as a tourist destination, should think again about their vacation place.

As tourism reveniews are the main source of income for most of the island, and as the locals (including Authorities) HAVE NOT TAKEN ANY ACTIONS against this situation EVER, I think the time has come for people to fianlly USE their spending money SOMEWHERE ELSE.

But ALSO, let the local Authorities KNOW of the reason why Crete was NOT CHOSEN as a travel destination!


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