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Take a stand and stop Breed Specific Legislation in all Countries

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We all know the sad story behind the murder of a beautiful dog in Belfast known as Lennox. If you dont know his story please visit

and read of how one innocent little dog was taken into custody because of how he looked and on that basis was deemed Guilty before being able to prove his innocence...

The treatment this dog received while held in a cold lonely prison was to say the least disgusting, the courtesy shown his family was non existent, and all this by officials who are voted in by the public.

We as the voting public of the governments who hold the power in our Countries need to take a stand on behalf of our beautiful companion animals and protect them from the racial discrimination they now face daily across the world. Its up to US to take a stance on this Breed Specific Legislation and be the voice for those who cant speak for their own rights. We cannot let this travesty go on and not show those who want this Legislation that it is not the Breed it is the Deed. It is the human owner who should pay for the actions of their animals as they have coached their animals how to react in any situation.

This Legislation has already begun in many countries, for example in Victoria Australia the guidelines for BSL are:

To seize and destroy unregistered pit bull terriers and their crosses based on visual identification alone. The legislation provides guidelines for councils on how to identify pit bulls based on key markers including muscular build, head profile and size-to-weight ratio.

This Legislation is extremely subjective in the visual identification of pit bulls, as pit bulls are cross-bred in origin. Pups of one litter of pups can look completely different from one another and DNA tests can be inconclusive. This can only give Councils the right to kill any dog they see fit to deem as Pit Bull with no protection for the dog itself in any way.

Will it end here? NO! What Breed will be next? Your loving corgi laying at your feet? The chihuahua curled up on your lap? Dogs come in all shapes and sizes, they all have teeth, they all have the ability to bite, it is we the caretakers of our dogs who need to be responsible in teaching our furry friends to be good upstanding members of our communities and to take the time to educate people in understanding the many beautiful breeds of Canine that share in our society.

I would like to see at least once a year, in honor of Lennox, on July 11th we individuals who have the honor of sharing their lives with a canine species, take the time to make an effort to educate the public in Responsible Dog Ownership and each individuals particular Breed

For Example;

create a leaflet on your Breed of Dog, its history, its own personal life story. Include the best ways for people to interact with your breed of dog, how to approach, how to react around this breed. Lots of things people could think of to add to their leaflets, print some out, hand them around, drop them in post boxes....EDUCATE.

Contact your local members of parliament and let them know your views on BSL. You are the one who holds the power, YOU VOTE FOR THEM.

Share the story of Lennox, dont let his death be in Vain, he is the perfect example of how this Legislation is unacceptable and unlawful and will not help lower the incidence of dog attacks world wide.

Education Is The Key.

Will you let your dog be the next Lennox? It WILL happen if we dont do something to stop it now.


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